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Essential oils

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Our blends are 100% natural and safe with therapeutic grade essential oils and coconut oil. 

Rollers can be applied directly to your skin: wrists, chest, back of neck, temples, jawline, spine, abdomen or bottom of feet (this varies depending on the area you are wanting to support).

Safe for all ages! If you are purchasing oils for your baby/young child, please select their age group (this is for dilution purposes).


  • birth time - ideal for pregnant mummas preparing for birth. To be applied over lower abdomen and inside of ankles from 37 weeks. This blend will not make you go into labour, but the oils will help to support strong contractions once your body is ready. Use daily, as often as desired. 

  • breathe easy - think of this as a 'natural vicks' alternative. Apply over chest and back of spine to help support clear breathing. Great support for your common cold. Use morning and night. 
  • calm - helps to ease feelings of anxiousness and promotes relaxation. Apply onto wrists and back of neck. Use daily, as often as desired.
  • cough - irritating, consistent coughing can be a real pain. Use this blend to help ease that itchy, annoying cough. Apply over neck and chest. Use as often as needed.
  • sleep easy - great for anyone who has trouble sleeping. Apply onto bottom of feet, wrists and back of neck before jumping into bed. Helps the body to relax and have a restful sleep. 
  • tummy soother - upset stomach, cramps, or happen to just eat something nasty? This blend will help to soothe the digestive system. Apply over lower abdomen as often as needed. Can also use on bottom of feet (ideal for baby's who have sensitive skin). 
  • teething - every bub needs this blend. Apply along the outside of jawline and up behind ears. The oils in this blend help to soothe aching gums and relax bubbies. Use as often as needed.
  • immune bomb - use this blend daily to help support your immune system and help to prevent illnesses. Apply onto the bottom of feet and back of spine. Great support for common colds and viruses as well. Use daily, and frequently throughout the day when feeling ill. 
  • uplifting - a sweet, fruity blend with uplifting and stress-reducing benefits. Apply onto wrists, use as often as desired. 
  • custom - have a specific blend in mind? Just mention what you would like in the 'note' section or send us a message. 

We are providing general information only. Please seek medical advice from a health professional. Always test patch first for sensitive skin. Our essential oils are therapeutic grade, cruelty free and sustainably sourced.

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